On the Quantum Theory of Molecules

Publié le par Max Born, J. R. Oppenheimer dans «physics». Mots-clés: chemistry, physics, molecules

# Abstract

It will be shown that the familiar components of the terms of a molecule the energy of electronic motion, of the nuclear vibration and of the rotation, correspond systematically to the terms of a power series in the fourth root of the ratio of electron mass to (average) nuclear ...

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Trigonometrical identity

Publié le par David Kremer dans «math». Mots-clés: trigo, test

We test the mathematical tools for pelican.

We start from the sin(a+b)=cos(a)sin(b)+cos(b)sin(a) equality. Then we have :


The identity ...

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reStructuredText (rst) cheat sheet

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Section Structure

Section titles are underlined or overlined & underlined. Example :

Section Structure


Section Structure

Body Elements

Grid table:

The grid tables allow to write tabs

| Paragraphs are flush-left,     | Literal block, preceded by "::":: |
| separated by blank lines.      |                                   |
|                                |     Indented                      |
|     Block quotes are indented. |                                   |
+--------------------------------+ or::                              |
| >>> print 'Doctest block'      |                                   |
| Doctest block                  | > Quoted                          |
| | Line ...

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